Born and raised in Laredo, TX, Spanglish was my first language and I used to flip my hair a lot. I am the middle child (sob) of three girls, and played Barbies until almost junior high. Later came New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, followed by a master's degree from Harvard University's Graduate School of Education, resulting in a windy, curvy road of not quite knowing what I wanted to do with my life. 

But I always kept journals. Too many of them. Most of them embarrassing. I wrote because I had to get the garbage out, and the glory too, and one day I heard what had been graffiti'ed inside of me for a long time: I want to write. I like to write. I like to be alone, talking to my dogs, with a big pot of coffee, and a window. So now that's what I do. I spend my days at the page, and also making soup, apologizing, daydreaming, and checking things off of lists.

I'm a member of SCWBI and love NaNoWriMo. My jam is YA novels, e.e. cummings poetry, Chekov plays, Tina Turner and David Allen Coe. The History of Love and All The Truth That's In Me are two of my favorite books ever. When I get into a hot car on a summer day, I sit and bake in the heat instead of turning on the AC. If I get too thirsty, I feel sad. I make a mean guacamole and homemade greeting cards. Impatience is my Achilles' heel.  

I hope we meet in a writing group one of these days, or volunteering at an animal shelter. If not, at least by the dessert table. You'll see me there.