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Do you like me? Do you ‘get’ me? Where do I belong? I’m Sorry is my one-woman play about how a people-pleasing apologist became an animal-loving activist. This show, directed by Gilles Chiasson, is about finding your purpose and affecting positive change. I play 16 characters– some female, some male, some four-legged – shining a spotlight on contemporary animal welfare issues while tackling the challenges of integrity and self-esteem. Because sometimes you have to find something to believe in before you can stop saying I'm Sorry.

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FOUR STARS! "Her fast-paced performance as 16 different characters- including her judgmental, Spanglish-speaking mother and a lovable shelter volunteer- is riveting, especially when she exposes her own vulnerability. Sometimes, words can speak as loudly as actions." - Time Out New York review, Joe DeFranceschi

Time Out New York Review

"Lidsky has a great gift for showing each character's emotional life through her physicality, elastic expressions, but most importantly, I feel, her great empathy, which is palpable...this show will make you think and for me, it renewed my feeling of the importance of compassion for all living creatures - a great reason to go to the theatre." - NYTheatre.com review, Alyssa Simon

NYTheatre.com Review

"I don't remember the last time I saw a show about something significant that was as entertaining and enjoyable. I highly recommend it." -- Gavin Polone, Emmy Award Winning Executive Producer 

"I loved it. Terrific writing, terrific performance and wonderful directing." -- Bobby Moresco, Academy Award Winning Screenwriter of Crash

"I'm only sorry every single piece of theater isn't this courageous, funny or heartbreaking. If you've ever loved an animal, if you've ever had a family, go see it." --Leila Gerstein, Executive Producer of Hart of Dixie (CW TV show)

"I'm sorry if you haven't seen I'm Sorry! Katya Lidsky is a bright light shining though her one-woman show even when it takes us to some very dark places. Her character work is genius. You will laugh your head off and cry your eyes out. This is such a remarkable and (I'm gonna say it!) important show." -- Casey Wilson, Star of Happy Endings 

"I'm Sorry is a beautifully crafted story that captivates you from the second Katya comes on stage. The specificity with which she draws such complex and unique characters and then fully inhabits each of them is beautiful to watch. It's some of the best character work I've ever seen. The show is smart, courageous, and extremely funny." -- Randy Sklar, Comedian, Actor, Writer and 1/2 of The Sklar Brothers

"I'm Sorry is that rare blend of laugh out loud funny, and heartbreakingly honest theater. From her first well-drawn character to the final curtain, you are enrapt, engaged and entertained. I'm sorry for you if you miss I'm Sorry." -- Jason Sklar, Comedian, Actor, Writer and 1/2 of The Sklar Brothers

"Totally intrigued and inspired how Katya used her talents as a springboard to share about animal activism!" - Our Hen House