I'm Sorry - How an apologist found her voice


FOUR STARS! "Her fast-paced performance as 16 different characters- including her judgmental, Spanglish-speaking mother and a lovable shelter volunteer- is riveting, especially when she exposes her own vulnerability. Sometimes, words can speak as loudly as actions." - Time Out New York review, Joe DeFranceschi

Time Out New York Review

"Lidsky has a great gift for showing each character's emotional life through her physicality, elastic expressions, but most importantly, I feel, her great empathy, which is palpable...this show will make you think and for me, it renewed my feeling of the importance of compassion for all living creatures - a great reason to go to the theatre." - NYTheatre.com review, Alyssa Simon

NYTheatre.com Review

Do you like me? Do you ‘get’ me? Where do I belong? I’m Sorry is a one-woman play about how a people-pleasing apologist became an animal-loving activist. This entertaining and poignant show about finding your purpose and affecting positive change is directed by Gilles Chiasson. Katya Lidsky plays 16 characters– some female, some male, some four-legged – shining a spotlight on contemporary animal welfare issues while tackling the challenges of integrity and self-esteem. Sometimes you have to find something to believe in before you can stop saying I'm Sorry.

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