You're Just Not Sexy

“You’re not sexy,” he says. He says this out loud. To my facehole. That’s the kind of thing you think but don’t say. “You’re just not sexy in that way,” he explains. “Or maybe you’re not a passionate person.”  

I consider this. No. I’ve never been told I’m not passionate before. In fact I could use a little non-passion. I’m passionate about everything. About my morning coffee, my love of kale, animals, good poems, the right greeting cards. I’m too passionate.

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Do you like me? Do you ‘get’ me? Where do I belong? I’m Sorry is a one-woman play about how a people-pleasing apologist became an animal-loving activist. This entertaining and poignant show about finding your purpose and affecting positive change is directed by Gilles Chiasson.

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You were filthy. You were matted. Your teeth were a mess, jutted-out-under-bite, yellow, and neglected. 

There was dry poop crusted onto your back leg, something I mistakenly assumed might bother you. When I tried to clean it off, you tried to bite me with those ridiculous teeth of yours.

Chester, you were not my dog. I was nobody to you. Your somebody left you at a vet's office months ago and never came back. I suppose they had been trying to do the kinder thing by not leaving you at the shelter, knowing that at eleven years old, your chances would be so low. Knowing that with a big tumor on your side, your chances would be so low. And really, chances for everyone there are so low.

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