Animal Rescue Dance Party.

I know, I know, you’ve had a bad experience with an animal rescuer. I’ve heard it before, and although I will keep trying to make you see it another way, I get that it turned you off. I hear that you think we’re all crazy.

But do me a favor, click here. I believe that at the core of almost all animal saviors, this is the song playing in their minds and these are the moves happening within their heart-walls. They just might not know how to express it. But when you walk away from the kennels and it’s quiet again, I hear ABBA humming in their bloodstream and I ride the waves of their wishes. And oh, the lastima it gives me, how much they care about homeless pets. How they stay up late at night bottle feeding unweened kittens, cleaning poop, swiping their own credit cards for an old dog’s needs, fielding calls, writing pleas, and then cleaning poop again. How adoption fees go right towards opening another cage at a high-kill shelter, leading four paws out a front door and onto fresh grass. 

Existence with dedication. Living off licks and nuzzles. Desperate for others to help carry the load because it is so heavy and their shoulders are so tired. Because they’ve been burned and it’s not the animals’ fault. Because they chew on frustration every day that things are the way they are even though they don’t have to be. And so. Sometimes they are in a bad mood, perhaps make it harder than necessary. But can I say in their defense how very expended, overextended, and upended their lives are? You may think, “Why bother?!” But I hope you will watch the video and find a real-life answer to the question and that you will notice how good it feels to be part of such rewarding joy and that you will realize it’s pretty great to become a hero. Let’s cut them a break for doing the heavy lifting.

Rescuers, volunteers, shelter staff, they all came together to make a video and show us on the outside what it feels like on their inside. I am crying from it. And I am sorry the lady at the adoption event was nasty to you and that the puppy didn’t get to go right to your home. But when I look into the eyes of an animal rescuer, I see reasons for their protection and terrible stories nobody should have to carry and harsh truths that make it difficult to smile at the sun again. And they need us in order to smile again. In order to keep going. In order to keep saving.

Please don’t give up on pet adoption just because somebody was impossible or mean or weird. Please don’t forget your lastima when you search to find a furry best friend. That is how rescue becomes fun, a celebration, a dance party. And all animals deserve to dance.

p.s. Admittedly Chance looks a little scared of partying. He’ll get the hang of it.

p.p.s. Thank you, Deanna Raphael, for sending this vid!

p.p.p.s. – talk about a good time!