Family Walk On My Birthday.

Oh, these three. Holy moly, these three. Three endless sources of love and lastima.


Feebe, our Shepherd mix, trying hard to be a good girl. Trying hard to resist the urge to eat every dog who passes by. Trying hard to please us and protect us. Ophelia, the Beagle, insistent on capturing every single scent around the reservoir, not missing a blade of grass, like she’s the ultimate customs agent. She’s also the ultimate leash-puller. And the ultimate friend.

Then there is Eric. Up early to feed the dogs, to get me my favoritest cup of coffee, to take our long family walk, with one dog pulling his left arm for sniffs and the other tugging at his right as she lunges and growls. But he’ll do it to make me happy today. And every day. His arms will almost come off - for me.

This is the gift of gratitude and of family and of lastima. And there’s no better gift I could ask for on my birthday then to walk with them.