Five Comadres.

Five girls who’ve known each other a long time. Some since high school. Some since middle school. Some since toddler school. 

Five girls who live very different lives now, in different towns, with different circumstances and needs and dreams. 

Five girls who made the time to come together - once more - to hold hands and hold hearts and be real and be innocent and be silly. And just be. Together.

This picture opens up all my lastima pockets. Z Cavaricci jean lastima pockets, like the ones we’re probably wearing here. A photo of five girls, not more than fifteen, eager and insecure but dammit, together. What did we know then? Such simple fools! A bunch of green bananas new to the world. Waiting to fall from trees. But smiling and sassy anyway, because we had each other. Because that made us strong.

And here we are now. This special group of lucky and lasting friendships - we’re woven pieces of fabric, maybe different, but you just can’t undo us. So many years later, but suddenly we’re fresh and true and full of hope again.  


p.s. Jennifer Chavez, we miss you. You are missing.