For The Les Miserables Lovers Out There.

To the tune of “Empty Chairs At Empty Tables”…I bring you “Tiny Teeth And Tiny Tuckings." 

I don’t think there are the words to describe how much lastima my Beagle’s tiny teeth give me.  So small are Ophelia’s front teethys and when she gets frisky and entices me to play, sometimes she’ll flash me a tiny-tooth-grin which will without a doubt make me drop whatever I’m doing so I can throw her toy. 

Tired from frolicking, she’ll decide then it’s time for a nap. When she gets comfy, after circling around and around for the best spot to plop her plump behind, she settles in and TUCKS her teeny front paws underneath her. Oh the tucking! What is she hiding her feets from? What secrets does she keep in those claws? Tiny Teeth and Tiny Tuckings…two of the five gazillion reasons I adore this dog.

image   image

This is pretty much how I spend most of my day.