Leaning Tower of Letters.

The Leaning Tower of Letters is not as famous, perhaps. Not in Italy, for sure. But it kicks Pisa’s ass when it comes to giving me lastima.

You write things on yellow notepads or on post it’s or on greeting cards for me (because you know how much I love greeting cards). And every time I almost can’t get to the meaning, I can’t understand the sentences or the grocery list, I can’t even really see the words beyond my tears. I’m too distracted by the way your letters bend and tilt and slant.

Are your “D”’s exhausted? Your “T”’s inclined backwards for some reason, maybe so that they can whisper into “U”’s ear? And your “N” is a nub! It’s so cute. It’s so innocent. It’s so human. 

And it makes me love you so much more, even if it’s a simple mouthwash request, because as I read your note I can feel you leaning into me.