Little Lists From A Little Girl.

Her little hands, holding little crayons, writing on little pads. It’s not just that Ava doodles, it’s that her scribbling has significance, it has meaning. She’s writing lists she’ll tell you. Lists!? Lists of what?!?! There are so many things she already wants to jot down, to remember, to do – and she’s only 4 years old!


Give her some paper and a marker and she’ll spend hours thinking and listing, giggling syrupy sounds and lost in a world of colorful ideas only known to her. Sometimes she might ask me what I’d like to eat and take my order, listing my wishes and peering up at me with her little gorgeous eyes. Taking notes on me, filling my chest with tingling lastima, because she asked. Because she wants to really know me, and record it like a little reporter. 

I like to imagine that she’s drawing up her plans for how to rule the world, and I believe she can. Already I believe she can. And that she’ll make it a better place, too, because Ava already does just by being here. I bet that’s #1 on her list.