Obama's Climate Change Strategy.

Today you gave a speech about climate change, Mr. President. Your elaborate strategy. I heard about carbon. I heard about coal. I heard about power plants. But I did not - and I had to replay it because I couldn’t believe my big ears - I did NOT hear anything about factory farming.

Obama: this is not about me being vegan or wanting animals to have rights. This is not about my agenda, although I admit, I’d love for the whole country to adopt a veggie lifestyle or even Meatless Mondays. This is about facts. This is about truth. This is about large factory farms and confined animal feeding operations accounting for a very high percentage of the climate change problem in the United States and the entire world. This is about you not mentioning that.

Obama: this is not about politics or parties. This is about responsibility. This is about you putting your face over the word HOPE and me believing you. Me taking your picture to every furry friend I know and saying, “Look! We’re going to be okay!” I thank you for the strategy you have started, but it is not finished. I thank you for the good work you have done, but this is MY issue and I feel ignored. I thank you for what you stand for when it comes to women and LGBT, but there is another group who needs you. In fact, they are dying for your help.

Obama: I have lastima for you. Because the only thing I can assume from all this is that you are in bed with Tyson and National Beef and all the rest of those Big Food Corporations. Because this means you are putting aside health issues, ethics, and yes, the environment too. Because it means you are putting big business above the needs of your people. The needs of your earth. And the needs of animals, while we’re at it. 

You cannot cherry pick what you’re honest about. You cannot be bold enough to do it differently sometimes, but not all the time. You cannot withhold solutions from me, from us, or from yourself. And if you do, sir, then sadly, I think you have lost your HOPE.


p.s. Sometimes lastima gets angry. But even furious, I’m with you, Obams.