Sleeping With One Leg Sticking Out From A Blanket.

You’ve seen it. You know the position of which I speak. Maybe you share a bed with someone who does it. Hell, maybe YOU do it, burrowing yourself under the blanket, cuddling up, snuggling, only to stick a foot out from its corner. Designing a personal area for ventilation, demanding a perfect mixture of both warmth and coolness, because why do you have to pick just one?

I dare you to think of somebody you dislike - a shitty friend, an ex lover, Michael Vick. I challenge you to picture that someone whom you resent with all your guts now fast asleep, maybe their dumb mouth hanging open, perhaps snoring like the giant, rude turd that they are. But then envision their leg protruding out from the covers, their helpless toes dangling in the chill of an early morning bedroom. Imagine their positively stupid toes.

I defy you to hate them through the lastima you will feel, but I don’t think you’ll be able to. I think you will glance down at your own feet and allow their equally silly nature to become a bridge, connecting their awfulness to yours. I think you will kick an escape route into your own tucked-in sheets and let the exposure make you feel good. I think you will soften to the humanness of our preferences, how our bodies instinctively make choices even when our brains are turned to Dream Mode, still working for us even when we are imperfect.

Maybe you’ll even forgive this person for being as they are, and for being uncovered. 

p.s. By the way, if the whole leg is sticking out, and I mean up to the knee, prepare yourself for an emotional breakdown. How foolish are knees?!