The Pirates of Penzance Poster.

You’re a comic opera. You’ve been around forever. You were made into a movie, and starring Kevin Kline. So you have a lot going for you!

But walking by your measly poster in a small New Jersey town, I had to grab hold of a parking meter, I had to brace myself. I felt the giant wave of lastima, rocking me nauseous, as disorienting as if I were lost at sea.

You feel aged and immaterial. But the sheer effort someone put in to bringing back your former greatness, to bringing forth tights and eye patches, to bringing a bit of Broadway here. They did it with whatever they had, no matter how small. And I want it to succeed! I want critical acclaim for them and for you, yes again for you, you deserve it.

Opening night I’ll already be gone, back home in California. But I’ll stand on the peer, look out into the water, and applaud your ship for sailing on.

p.s. Ahoy to keeping theatre alive!