If you stick your tongue out while you do an activity, it will shudder my insides. I don’t care if you’re five years old and coloring, or forty five years old and organizing your office files - I will literally have a breakdown if I happen to catch your pink, fleshy point peeping out of your mouth unbeknownst to you.

Because that’s the thing. A tongue-sticker-outer hardly knows it’s happening, lost in a trance of effort and concentration. Out your tongue will pop, as if he has something important to add, some input on your project, or maybe he just wants a little fresh air and a little excitement, being bored of your mouth and all.

You’ll look goofy. And I’ll know how much you care about whatever you’re doing. Your tongue will wave hello at me or maybe tip his hat, and I promise to leave the room before my lastima leads to full on tears. I wouldn’t want to interrupt your focus. 


p.s. the above photo is a reenactment.