TSA Agents Doing Bits.

Maybe the TSA agent was testing out his new 5-minute set for a Laugh Factory open mic night or something, but at 7 in the morning, it was too much to take. It was early. My defenses were down. I hadn’t yet spent those hours, like I usually have to, talking myself into a little cocoon, designed to make these exchanges just a tad milder.

“Ya should’ve seen this woman here before! Told her she had to toss her water bottle and she downed the whole thing! I was like, ‘bathrooms are that-a-away!’ Geez Louise, she probably had to go so bad!” (Followed by a pregnant pause as he waited for his “punch line” to land.)

I hope you made someone laugh today, TSA guy, or at least got a crack of a smile. I worked real hard to flash you my gums but I was in someone else’s line and I don’t think you saw me. I don’t think I made enough of a fuss over your free entertainment; I was worried the Starbucks line would be too long, you see.

The highlight of your day is your attempt at jokes while you remind us to take off our shoes, wishing for one small grin to keep you going. I’ll come back soon but this time with a camping chair - gonna sit all day to watch you and applaud! (Gulp.)