Waving To Be Seen.

It can happen anywhere. At a concert for a band you love or Disneyland or an airport or even at the park. You’re planning to meet someone there. You guys have gone old school, settling on a spot and time via verbal agreement. Examples such as, “I’ll be in front of the Iron Man sign at 3pm” or “meet ya at the Mona Lisa” come to mind. 

So you’re waiting and waiting and looking around, when suddenly amidst all those other bodies, you register the familiar face. Without even thinking about it your arm shoots up, your fingers flap, your eyes bug out. Yoohoo! (That’s the name of this action.) Like your whole being is saying, “Over here! I’m here! Look at me! THANK GOD IT’S YOU AND ME!”

And every time it’s desperate. Every time it seems you thought you might not see your pal again. Every time there’s a sense of relief - you beat the odds, you passed the test, you won. What I mean is, if someone was waving to be seen in a movie like Armageddon, where the world was about to explode, it would look exactly like the way you’re doing it at the Gap or Staples Center. Same level of zeal.  

Girlfriends put their hips and shoulders into it. Dudes often go with a head nod. Moms are experts at that absolutely heartbreaking elbow-to-wrist wave. Whoever you are and wherever you’re doing it, if I happen to be there on the sidelines, please don’t be alarmed if I wave back. I know you’re not waiting for me but my lastima wants to assure you that he or she is coming. And that you are in fact very much seen.