Fathers Who Like Stuff On Facebook.

My father listed Horseback Riding on his Facebook Likes. Horseback riding?!? When does the man horseback ride? I don’t know why this slays me, but I’m literally crying as I type. I can just picture him on his laptop thinking, “Yeah! Know what, come to think of it I’ve always liked riding horses!” He doesn’t care if he’s a cowboy or not, he just likes it.

On my father-in-law’s page lives his Like of Fox Rent A Car. I can barely get the words out, people. Because he really does like it that much - so much that it’s posted here. We who try so hard to put up something unique, something sticky, something about that cool new band the Bulletshitters (is that even a real band?)

But they’re just kinda uncool about it all. And it’s then cool. And it’s then heart-aching. Fathers Who Like Stuff On Facebook are free of the need to dress things up, to try and impress, and it reminds me that having lastima and love for someone feels even better sometimes than having awe.

Papi’s page:


Pops-in-law’s page:


p.s. It seems 29,773 other Facebook Fathers like Fox Rent A Car, too. Where is a tissue?